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High alcohol fruit wines. No grapes are ever harmed in the making of our wine. Just good, locally sourced fruits and berries from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We are hoping to be at  the Canby Taste and Tunes the last weekend of May at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.
So, because of the Corona Virus all of our wine events and tastings have been cancelled.
We can do Delivery in the Portland area. We do have a 2 bottle minimum of the 750ml and a 6 bottle minimum for the 375ml size. With a $5 delivery fee. Fee is waved for 6 or more of the 750mls or a full case of the 375ml. Our 750ml sell for $21 but we're doing a "Corona Special" of $20 each.
email us or give us a call at 503 706 2811


Our philosophy is simple. Make good, quality, small batch, artisan wine from locally sourced fruit from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Also to make it affordable to the average person. People often ask us why we don't use grapes in our wine. The answer is simple: There are a number of fantastic vineyards and wineries in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. What there is not a lot of is locally made, quality artisan fruit wines. Many of the so called "fruit wines" you will see on store shelves are actually white grape wines with fruit or fruit juice added for flavor. We use 100% fruits and berries. So if our wine says "blackberry" it's made from blackberries. That is why our labels all say, "No grapes are ever harmed in the making of our wine."