We make two sizes of wine: a smaller bottle of 375 ml and a standard wine bottle size of 750 ml. These currently retail for about $14 for 375 ml and $21 for 750 ml (retailers will often list them at 13.99 or 20.99). They are currently available in a small but growing number of stores in the greater Portland area. If you want to know where you can get some please contact us!

  • Sweet Cherry (375 ml  & 750 ml)

  • Raspberry Peach (375 ml only)

  • Plum (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • Blackberry (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • Strawberry Rhubarb (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • "Double Trouble" Raspberry Boysenberry        (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • "Triple Threat" Blackberry, Cherry & Plum            (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • Cranberry, Apple & Pear (375 ml and 750 ml)

  • Raspberry Rhubarb (375ml & 750ml)

  • Peach (750ml and 375ml)

  • "Old Black and Blue" Elderberry, Blackberry & Blueberry (375 ml only) This comes in a cobalt blue bottle and is only available in 375 ml size. It retails for about $16

  • New Flavor! Apple Rhubarb is now available in both 750ml and 375ml)

  • We have a unigue flavor, "El Diablo Duck" which is a Hot Pepper  wine in an apple base. We made a small batch to see if anyone would be interested and we sold out! . So far the response has been amazing. We  then made a full batch which is now available in 375ml bottles and retails for $15.

  • People always ask us "Is this for cooking or drinking?" We always answer the same way, "YES". (It's great for chicken or taco's)